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Added Support from CGA Integration

At CGA Integration, delivering quality products and service is paramount. We are constantly striving to improve our customer service to ensure the highest levels of support. If you do experience any faults with your CGA Integration system, please follow the process below to ensure a swift response to any issues. In addition, you may like to consider taking out a CGA Integration Customer Service Plans to cover annual servicing, remote software updates and more in one easy step, giving you money saving benefits and complete peace of mind.

Logging faults

Because breakdowns of CGA Integration designed and installed systems are rare, we would like to track any that do occur to ensure that we spot any patterns and adjust systems or system design accordingly to eliminate any future problems. In order to help us achieve this, we have a process for logging faults.

If you experience any technical problems with a system supported by CGA Integration, please inform us of the issue by e-mailing: support@cga-integration.co.uk. This will then be logged with our Technical Support Department who will issue you with a case number and a CGA Integration engineer will contact you within 48 hours to resolve your problem, (within 24 hours if you have purchased a CGA Integration Customer Service Plan).

CGA Integration Customer Service Plans

To ensure that your AV system is running as well now as the day it was installed, CGA Integration recommend that systems have an annual clean, service and if you have a system with online support, that all software is updated with latest patches and updates.

Annual Service

CGA Integration are proud of our reputation for designing and installing quality sound systems which stand the tests of time, but as with anything, keeping your AV system clean and serviced will lengthen its life and ensure that its sound quality continues to be exceptional, generating you the best return on your investment.

Remote support

If you have a system with remote support, within your system is a small computer. CGA Integration uses remote software to access this computer and monitor your system, to offer you support if needed. To enable CGA Integration to maintain our service standards to you, we need to ensure that this PC and other software based elements of your system, have the latest versions of software, security upgrades and patches. This will enable CGA Integration to continue to effectively manage and monitor your system remotely.

CGA Integration Customer Service Plans

At CGA Integration we have a range of 'Customer Service Plans' which can be purchased annually, enabling you to cover annual servicing, remote software updates, (if applicable) and more in one easy step. You choose the plan which best fits your needs, giving you money saving benefits and complete peace of mind.

CGA Integration write to all of our customers to explain the Customer Service Plan options that are best suited to their system. If you have not heard from us, or would like more information about Customer Service Plans, please contact us by emailing your questions or queries to serviceplans@cga-integration.co.uk and we will give you further information on the plans most beneficial to you and your system.

Non CGA Integration designed & installed systems

If you have an AV system that was not designed or installed by CGA Integration, it might still be possible for us to service and maintain this for you through a CGA Integration Customer Service Plan. Please contact us at serviceplans@cga-integration.co.uk to discuss the cost of arranging a survey of your existing system by a CGA Integration engineer. Once completed, CGA Integration will then provide you with a quotation for the most suitable CGA Integration Customer Service Plans.

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