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Because of careful design and installation by CGA Integration, 75 - 80% of the material used in the sound system at ‘The Balcon’, could be reused in ‘Wild Honey St James’. DJ point installed in the Permit Cocktail Bar for flexible sound solutions, Dishoom Manchester. The AV designed and installed by CGA Integration is fully integrated into the central audio system for 11 Cadogan Gardens. Ground floor bar and dining with CGA fully integrated sound system and installed DJ console, Zuaya.

Bars & Restaurants

Exceptional restaurants and bars deliver a total sensory experience for their guests.  Fine cuisine and surpassable service are obviously paramount, but creating the right environment within which this is delivered is vital for the total guest experience.

Sound, lighting and video can work together to completely enhance the ambience of a room and this may need to be changed depending on the time of day, the occasion or even different areas within the same room.

Well designed audio delivers even sound throughout the venue, is easily controllable by duty staff, and can be programmed to meet the vision of designers.  Flexible systems ensure that live music, PA systems and fire alarm announcements can be integrated throughout the venue without compromising on its visual impact. 

At CGA Integration we work with our clients to design and deliver top quality sound whilst preserving the surrounding ambience and décor.


The following guides may be of use to you when considering AV in Bars & Restaurants.

If you have a query and can't find the answer in the guides below, why not call us on 01344 456500 or e-mail us at info@cga-integration.co.uk to discuss how CGA Integration can help with your specific project.

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