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Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionists’ Café Takes Off With CGA Integration

Date: 19-06-2014
CGA Integration is delighted to announce that they have designed and installed the audio for Heston Blumenthal’s latest culinary venture; The Perfectionists’ Café at Heathrow’s newly redeveloped Terminal 2, The Queen’s Terminal which opened at the beginning of June.
The concept and menu of this latest venture have been under development for the past year and a half with Heston and his team, led by Group Executive Head Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts and Head Chef Julian O’Neill, observing the specific unique requirements and needs of guests in an airport terminal.  
The audio needed to reflect the care and attention to detail given to all other aspects of one of Heston Blumenthal’s restaurants and CGA Integration has worked with music provider Music Concierge to provide the right audio to every guest across all three very different areas of The Perfectionists’ Café.  
“The Perfectionists’ Café was a challenge acoustically”, commented Chris Gunton Managing Director of CGA Integration, “it is open to the main terminal space which generates all the normal background noise you would expect at an airport and the restaurant design provides a limited number of opportunities to mount speakers and hardware, but it was essential that we delivered quality consistent sound throughout.” 
“The audio enhances the total experience we want our customers to receive at The Perfectionists’ Café” added Group Executive Head Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts.  “CGA have used a digital sound processor to ensure that all three speaker sets work together to seamlessly blend the sound across all areas, so no matter where you go you experience the same great sound.  We are all very pleased with the result.”
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