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Case Study: Pantiles, Bagshot



CGA Integration has a relationship with Pantiles owners, management and site maintenance team stretching back nearly 5 years. A wide range of projects has developed the club, bar and adjoining Old barn restaurant. Manager Matts’ continual investment in entertainment technology and infrastructure aims to keep Pantiles name at the top of Camberleys late night scene.


The main challenge for these projects was to identify where money would work hardest, isolating a saving which would provide budget for improvement or a clear step upwards in quality from each project.


Technical and control
Increased reliability, visual impact and lower running costs were all achieved when scanners fitted with expensive discharge lamps were replaced with SGM Victory Two scanners. These give the same light output using a 250 watt capsule lamp thanks to high quality optics, and can be replaced for around £5.

The lightprocesor QCommander was fitted to centralise and streamline show control. Previously two different desks and multiples of switches and buttons had been used. Now the Qcommander enables the in house light jocks to control the entire venue as one show from one desk.


Enhanced video system
CGA Intergration have fitted an auto focusing remote control dome camera relaying all areas of the main club through into the front bar and onto the big screen in the main club. All bar and club screens can display marketing and video footage from a range of sources, such as Kaleidolight advertising, video camera, VHS players or Freeview receiver.


CGA integration has replaced the smoke machine with a more acceptable, variable output, hazing machine. The haze provides a superior atmosphere which enhances the light show without the familiar smell and taste of the smoke produced by traditional smoke machines.


Pre club and peripheral areas
A small private dancing area has been created in the front bar using Evid speakers in the low ceiling. In the main area of the front bar, the sound has been upgraded to EV Mid HF cabinets complimented by a pair of Zeck bass bins, fed by either the main club, a DJ console fitted in the bar or private area, or from a local Multi disc CD player giving greater flexibility and attraction for special hires.


Matt Highton, Club manager: “Our relationship with CGA Integration has been excellent. Chris is a fantastic guy who has sorted out all our problems for about six years now and we’ll keep on using him.”

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