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Quantify Your Sound Investments

Date: 25-03-2013

At CGA Integration, we believe passionately in what we do and know that quality sound light and video systems really do make a difference to your customers.


When it comes to customer service, we are always looking at ways to stand out from the crowd.  What if every returning guest to your venue was greeted as an individual, using insights into their preferences that are usually only reserved for your most loyal guests?


Wouldn’t it be great to understand customer behaviour in your hospitality spaces in the same way that you understand how customers use your website?  To have a tool that could calculate the benefits from changes that you might make to room layout or design, sound, lighting or digital signage you might have around your venue, rather than just relying on subjective assessment.


How could your business improve if you were able to link your customers with your CRM automatically as they walk from the forecourt to the reception area?


Today, technological advances are now enabling this to become a reality using existing camera networks, turning security expenditure into a fantastic new marketing tool. 


Here at CGA Integration we understand the value of customer relationships and we are very pleased to be able to exclusively offer you a product that can do all of the above and more, with no need to rewire, change door keys or fit RFi tags. 


To find out more information about this exciting new technology and how it could transform your business, please contact us on  info@cga-integration.co.uk or call us on (0845) 058 4650.

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