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Case Study: Rootes Bar, University Of Warwick



Successfully transforming Rootes bar, University of Warwick, developed as a partnership with CGA Integration. A large multipurpose area with little atmosphere was developed into a vibrant, flexible venue for day, evening and campus club atmosphere, complementing the students union by moving closer to high street standards. CGA developed the brief with bar manager and chief executive and won the project over four other companies in a competitive tender situation.


The vision for Rootes bar was to become an entertainment venue from lunchtime through to late night, taking in TV sporting events, functions and DJ nights. Extra possibilities were to include local presentation by laptop, breakout groups and zoning. In addition, was the challenge to match the modern stylish décor.


Four zones were established, each with independent selection of sound and video for maximum flexibility. The atrium covered the entrance via stairs while the other three zones covered the bar front and two seating areas that to be combined or divided providing a range of configurations for all events. Strategic remote inputs allow laptop presentations to local screens.


Remote Control
Sound and video signal could be independently selected for each zone from behind the bar. Zone volumes could also be adjusted from here, in addition to switching between pre-programmed lighting levels for different times of day or cleaning.


The large open atrium was an opportunity for attention grabbing projection. Aimed at developing sports viewing, the projector also sets the mood for entertainment, but is also used for marketing and advertising to support broader business objectives.


EV speakers provided a range of stylish cabs to enhance the standard set by restyling the décor, allowing enough speaker locations to give a smooth even sound and visible bass bins to warm the sound. Mediamatrix provided sound control and sourcing, with sufficient headroom in the amps to give best clarity.


Sky TV, Freeview, terrestrial TV, Multi disc CD player and video / music hard drive system including on screen message scheduler, are all standard options for screen content in each independent zone, with DJ and composite inputs allowing customisation for special events.


Lawrence Walters, Bars manager, had this opinion of the project, ‘This project was and excellent, very effective upgrade from the previous system. It is very effective for sports viewing and the added bonus is that we can now tap into other televised multimedia events.’

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