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Case Study: The Park Club, Abingdon



The Park Club is a comprehensive gym facility offering varied activities in communal areas, sports halls, a swimming pool and dedicated exercise class environments. Sophisticated audio supply and control was required throughout the complex, in an intuitive, yet flexible system.


The variety of activities called for a wide variety of inputs, both centrally and locally controlled, from programmable background music to live audio.
The physically adverse environments of swimming pool and sports hall, plus preserving the high quality finish provided further challenges. Finally, all work had to be completed inside a tight shutdown window.


Control and paging
PC based control at reception provides instant control for paging area selectivity, avoiding the intrusion of unnecessary announcements. 
All rooms are also equipped with a basic set of local controls with session rooms featuring an advanced set of local inputs and controls.


The heart of the installation is a networked Media Matrix, allowing strategic network points around the building for very flexible local control and paging from reception, while maintaining remote amps for simpler installation and maintenance. This comprehensive core is teamed with a suite of JBL, EV and Peavey speakers to match varied applications in different areas.


Session rooms
Separate rooms for dedicated classes are flexibly equipped with their own rack for selection of local CD and radio mic inputs. Sound levels or inputs from remote sound sources can also be selected giving Park Club a powerful tool for adapting to new classes and maximising their appeal for membership retention.


Custom music sources
CGA Integration worked closely with Park Club management to match audio programmes to users. In addition to custom sources for specific sessions, members can access different tempo programmes provided by a three hard drive music players, which allow regular updating.


Special environments
The sports, swimming and dance studios required special attention. The clean lines of the dance hall were preserved with JBL control 28 speakers, which were also specified to withstand the rigour of humidity and hard knocks in the swimming and sports areas.


Park Club manager Ben comments: 
‘Service from CGA Integration has always been quick, reliable and effective. Chris appreciates our business and the system has always done everything we specified.’


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